How to make a Rock Star Video

Ok so you want an amazing explainer video.  A video to outshine your competitors and impress your mother-in-law.   Here’s how!


#1 Winners make winning videos

Commit the attention needed to the process.  Be bold, open-minded and have fun.


#2 Focus on value, not price

Get the best video for your budget, not the best budget for your video. Buying a video is not like haggling over a second-hand car.  That’s because, unlike with the car, the money you pay is used to create the final product.  It is better to set a fixed budget and negotiate on value.


#3 Pick an awesome team

Who will write your script and animate your video? What is their background? Ask for the best.


#4 Be original

Create something unique, don’t copy a competitor’s video.


#5 Avoid the “unholy trinity” of video

This is a combination of (1) a small budget, (2) a tight time-frame, and (3) being inflexible on details. You can have 2 out of these 3 things but never all 3 at once. Having all 3 is a recipe for production troubles.

#6 Nail the script

All good videos have 1 thing in common… a kickass script. The script is the creative backbone of the video, it encompasses the entire concept.  A good script will animate well and sound better.


#7 Know what you want to say

Decide on the core message of your video – we can help with that – and then make your video say that, and only that, in a brilliant way.


#8 Keep it short

Don’t cram in a lot of product features.  It makes for dull watching and it dilutes your message.


#7 Don’t write your own script

Writing your own script is like defending yourself in court.  You can do it but really you shouldn’t.


#8 The early stages are most important

By the time the script and look-and-feel are approved, the video’s destiny is more or less set.  So pay attention and make it great!