10 Tips for Making a Rock Star Explainer Video

Ok, so you want a rock star explainer video? A video to outshine your competitors and impress your mother-in-law. This article will give you short tips on what you need to look out for and what you can do to help you do just that: creating a ROCK STAR EXPLAINER VIDEO!
Rock Star Explainer Video


#1 Winners make winning videos

Commit the attention needed to the process. Be bold, open-minded, and have fun. Listen to the video marketing experts, but also remember you know your brand and product.


#2 Focus on value, not price

Get the best video for your budget, not the best budget for your video. Buying a video is not like haggling over a second-hand car. That’s because, unlike with the car, the money you pay is used to create the final product. It is better to set a fixed budget and negotiate on value.


#3 Pick an awesome team

Who will write your script and animate your video? What is their background? Ask for the best.


#4 Originality leads to a rock star explainer video

Create something unique, don’t copy a competitor’s video. There is, however, nothing wrong with gaining some inspiration from another video. Have a look at our YouTube page for some rock star explainer video inspiration.


#5 Avoid the “unholy trinity” of video

This is a combination of (1) a small budget, (2) a tight time frame, and (3) being inflexible on details. You can have 2 out of these 3 things but never all 3 at once. Having all 3 is a recipe for production troubles, and you will end up with a less than rock star explainer video in the end.


#6 Nail the script

All good videos have 1 thing in common… a kickass script. The script is the creative backbone of the video, it encompasses the entire concept. A good script will animate well and sound better.


#7 Know what you want to say

Decide on the core message of your video – we can help with that – and then make your video say that, and only that, in a brilliant way.


#8 Keep it short

Don’t cram in a lot of product features. It makes for dull watching and it dilutes your message.


#9 Don’t write your own script

Writing your own script is like defending yourself in court. You can do it, but really you shouldn’t. But… if you decide to go that route, you can follow our tips on how to write a good explainer video script.


#10 The early stages are most important

By the time the script and look-and-feel are approved, the video’s destiny is more or less set. So pay attention and make it great!