10 Best Explainer Video Styles for 2022

We’re super excited to present our list of the 10 best explainer video style ideas for 2022! We hope that these style ideas will give you a bit of help while researching options for your own video.


10. Vibrant Worlds

We’re probably a little biased when it comes to the color pink 🙂 But vibrant colors and surreal visuals are a great way to grab attention. The below video combines some 2D work with a lot of 3D animation.


9. 3D Software Demos

Software demo, but better! Add some extra magic to your software demo, create it in 3D. For the below software demo we combined real-looking screens with abstract 3D backgrounds.


8. Puppetry

For those brave enough, this style will definitely make you stand out. If it fits with your brand, add some humor to your video to lighten the mood, some fun puppets for characters, and finally, choose a voiceover who will help push it even further.


7. Combining Footage with Animation

If you need a more realistic style then combining footage with animation is a great way to go. It’s possible to use carefully chosen stock footage so you don’t have to blow a massive budget on a live action shoot.


6. Animals

We have an office full of pet lovers so we couldn’t resist putting this in here. Just look at Basil’s expressive face! In the below video we used a little bit of frame-by-frame animation to add personality and make some movements look more natural.


5. Animated Software Demo with Typography

We keep saying it, but we love software videos! The below video has a clean style in terms of visuals, using dynamic typography and professional graphics combined with slick software screens.


4. 3D Product Explainer

Very few animation styles can make your product look as real as the real deal! But 3D animation comes pretty darn close. 3D animation gives you the ability to create virtual replicas of your product, which enables you to explain and show different parts of it clearly – leaving nothing to the imagination.


3. Frame-by-frame Animation

We’ve already mentioned frame-by-frame (cel) animation earlier. This style of animation is great when you want to add a more natural range of motion to characters and other elements in your video.


2. Cutout Animation

It’s back! Cutout animation is an engaging, fun style of stop-motion video using photos and illustrations, and we are just living for this comeback kid.


1. Motion Graphics

This animation style is a less cartoony option for anyone looking to create an explainer video. Motion graphics explainer videos are videos that use professional, moving graphics instead of animated characters.

There you have it, our 10 best explainer video style ideas for 2022, all tied up in a neat little bow ready to inspire your next explainer video. If you want to see more of our videos and styles, feel free to have a look at our portfolio.