10 Best Explainer Video Ideas for 2023

We are super excited to share 10 explainer video ideas for your 2023 video marketing campaigns! Whether you are already planning your next video, or not sure where to start – this list will help by giving you some inspiration.

Okay, let’s take it away!


10. Limited Color Palette

The video below uses a limited color palette and the client’s brand color, yellow, to draw your attention to specific parts of a scene. This is a great way to highlight things like logos, key messaging, main characters, and so on.


9. Have Fun With Quirky Characters

Using animated characters are a great way to add some personality and charm to your video. So go wild, be as quirky as you want. In the below video we used rigged characters in After-effects combined with frame by frame animation and cut-out animation.


8. Have Fun With Shapes

Your video can come in many shapes and sizes – literally! The below video was created using bright colors and a motion graphic style (this is just a casual term people use to describe videos that are based on moving graphics and transitions rather than characters).


7. Have Fun With Stock Footage

A full live-action production can be super expensive, so using stock footage is a great alternative. And the best part? You can actually have a lot of fun with it, such as in the video below:


6. Realistic 3D Products

These types of videos will have your audience wondering how you got your product to do that! They are super realistic animations of your product, that enable you to show your product from all sides. And honestly, they are just really fun to look at.


5. Let’s Go to Space

The sky is the limit, literally, when it comes to animation. Have fun with your visuals. Have you ever wanted to visit outer space? With animation, you can!


4. Short Promo Video

Short-form videos are all the rage right now. Google any 2023 marketing trend, and you will find short-form content on that list! Below is an example of a series of videos we created for our client, to be used on social media.


3. Abstract 3D Screen Demo

We wouldn’t be Piehole.TV without a software example on our list. Here’s an example of a video using abstract visuals to show the client’s product, as well as some realistic screens. Finally, it was topped off with smooth typography, vibrant colors, and a fun soundtrack.


2. 3D Icons

Here’s another example of a video that use a motion graphic type of style. This time, it was created using 3D animation. The visuals show a lot of icons moving around, jumping, and morphing, to show the various platforms.


1. Techy Visuals In a Techy World

Tech product, tech world, tech visuals – this video is tech overload! The actual video was created using some tricky 3D animation. Let us know what you think!


Need more Explainer Video Ideas?

Alright then, there you have it! We hope this list will help you plan your next video. Although, if you’re still looking for even more samples and ideas, feel free to hop on over to our video portfolio or YouTube page. Alternatively, get in touch. We LOVE to talk about explainer video ideas!