Best Company Videos of 2020

It’s that time again where we list our favorite company videos from the previous year. The year 2020 was, well, different… But that didn’t stop us from working with some amazing clients and creating pretty cool videos. We hope you enjoy this diverse list of Top 10 Company Videos of 2020.


10. Flatfile

Flatfile made the list for it’s clean transitions and nice flow-y data. We also just can’t resist a great software video.


9. DataClay Cue

This software video features some really cool screens and 3D design elements.


8. Uplight

We are going crazy for this modern character animated video.


7. Allvue

Allvue is an example of what’s possible on a tight deadline. Despite being up against the clock it was still possible to include some 3D work and nice artwork.


6. Mimecast Email Security 3.0

We absolutely love this video for it’s fun and super bold illustration style! It’s also a character style that isn’t easy to animate so we enjoyed working it.


5. Subtext

We enjoy a good cel animated video (also known as frame-by-frame animation) and wouldn’t dare leave this video off the list.


4. Origin Instant Drug Test

We’re suckers for a good 3D animated video. Add in touches of bright colors and we are hooked!


3. Hiring Team

We love making software look great! This Hiring Team video made the list for it’s beautiful and slick screens.


2. Liveclicker

Another frame-by-frame video. We are loving the clean, modern look this Liveclicker video has.


1. Canon

Clever scripting, fun visuals and an upbeat track, that is why Canon’s 3D product video made the list.

And there you have it. Our top videos of 2020. And while we only listed 10 company videos for this list, there are many more you can view by visiting our portfolio. Considering an explainer video for your company? Get in touch and let’s chat about some ideas.