B2B Video Production

B2B Video Production
Finding the right B2B video production company with a stellar portfolio can be difficult. In fact, you might be finding it hard to figure out what factors you should be considering. In this article, we try to answer some of your questions for you.

B2C is the new B2B

These days the distinction between B2B and B2C is getting blurred. This makes sense because viewers are all fundamentally human. They want:

  • Exciting content
  • That’s simple and gets to the point.


B2B video production vs. B2C video production

Even though there are similarities between B2B and B2C video production there are a few differences too, which we’ll discuss below.

Scope for more Detail

A B2B viewer is often able and willing to give you (slightly) more time and attention span. That’s partly because a B2B viewer is more likely sitting in a quiet space such as an office than say someone who may be at home with busy kids all around them. They may also be actively researching a product for their employer, i.e. they may be in the middle or bottom of the “sales funnel”. To remind you, below is an image of the sales funnel along with some ways that video can be used at each step in the funnel.
B2B Video Production

Audience may be more Specialized

When your target viewer is a business professional they may be more specialized and sophisticated in their approach. This means that B2B videos can be slightly more technical in nature as you can assume some familiarity with your terminology. But of course, you’ll still want to be as simple and jargon-free as possible.

Budget Flexibility

You can often get away with lower production budgets than B2C. B2C products for the mass market are known for having ultra-high budget videos. Competing in the mass consumer market is tough! With B2B you may have more flexibility as your goal is to communicate your benefits clearly rather than dropping $200k to compete on TV.

Different Buyer Decision-Making

There are often many decision-makers or role players in a B2B buying decision. It can be useful to keep this in mind with your scripting and production decisions.

B2B Explainer Video Examples

No video blog about B2B video production would be complete without at least a few examples of these videos. So we’ve compiled a list below of B2B videos that we’ve created, and what they were used for. We’ve divided them up into 3 categories below, animation, live-action, and interview videos. We hope you enjoy them:


Explainer Videos

These are the classic marketing video, introducing your company, your services/product, and usually a little but more about your company. Below is an explainer video we created using 2D animation combined with 3D animated elements:


Product Overview

If you have many different products on offer, you can consider creating different product overview videos for each product. The video below was created about one of our client’s products. The video was created in full 3D animation:


Software Demo

Show your customers exactly what to expect from your SaaS product, by creating a software demo video.



Short and snappy video ads are great for conversion and for getting potential customers to your website. We created the below short ad, by cutting down from a longer 60 second explainer video.


Product Visualization

A pretty cool option if you want to show every aspect of your product, its capabilities and how it can be used. Below is a 3D video we created about our client’s tech product:


Exhibition/Conference Videos

Simply put, these videos will help you stand out at busy conferences and exhibition. The below video was used as part of a booth, and helped our client to attract more people to their stand.




Filmed on Set

Lights, camera, action! Filming on set gives you a lot of options in terms of what you want to include in your live action video. Need a live python in your video? Sure, we can do that too!


Stock Footage

Not everyone has the right budget or use for a full blown live action video. This is where stock comes in! It’s a more affordable way of adding “real people” to your video, and when done right, it can look amazing!



Case Studies

There’s nothing other businesses like more than seeing how you help customers in the same industry as them. Ultimately, this is achieved by filming a case study video with one of your happy customers, for example:



As with the above type of video, here your happy customers go in front of the camera, and talk about how great you are! Below is an example of a filmed testimonial video:


CEO Interviews

Few things scream ‘credible’ like your CEO going on camera and talking about your product. In fact, if your CEO doesn’t back the company, why should your customers?


B2B explainer videos cost and timeline

The industry or type of business has little impact on the pricing or timeline of your explainer video. Nonentheless, there are a few factors that do have an affect on the cost, namely:

  • Animation quality
  • Video length
  • Project deadline

The above factors not only impact your video cost but also your video production timeline. A general rule of thumb is that a 60 – 90 second explainer video takes roughly 7 – 11 weeks to create, at most studios, but it could be longer if you include higher-end techniques like 3D animation or cel animation. Timelines also depend on how quickly your company can provide feedback at the different stages of production.
We created the below video to give you some insight into the different animation quality levels:


Where to start?

Finally, if you’re ready to pull the trigger on your video production journey, you’ve come to the right place! In fact, we’ve been creating B2B explainer videos for many years, and for all types of industries (seriously, we have a list and everything!). So get in touch if you have any questions, or feel free to schedule a free creative consultation.