Database of 3D Assets for the Metaverse

Here at Piehole we’re metaverse ready. So much so that we’ve created a database of 1500+ models in 3D that can be used to create online spaces. Whether or not you think the metaverse is going to be a thing, it’s clear that people are spending more and more time in immersive online environments – the future is 3D!


What’s in our Database

Our database consists of the objects and concepts commonly encountered in the world of business. That’s to say, images that can be used to show processes, products and services. In our 10 years of making company explainer videos we’ve learned a lot about commonly used visuals for these applications and so we combed through all our scripts to identify the 3D models to create. The areas covered include:

  1. Office spaces incl. furniture
  2. Laptops, phones and other devices
  3. Process descriptors and data flows
  4. Utlity concepts, e.g. depicting time flow, communication
  5. Cityscapes
  6. Equipment
  7. Characters
  8. Outdoor spaces
  9. Home spaces


Web-Ready and Low-Poly

The majority of the assets (80%) were created to be low-poly and web-ready. This means they can comfortably be used on the web on a range of devices, i.e. without burning through bandwidth or your phone’s VRAM.



Our files are available in industry-standard .obj and .fbx formats, and also as source files (Blender). All models have been exported in textured and untextured formats. That way designers are free to customize the models to their individual look-and-feel in their chosen software.




Character Animations

The characters in our database are rigged for animation and easy inclusion into any project including HTML5/WebGL. For example, here below we have one of our characters.


Examples from the Database

Here below are a few samples of models of models in the database.

We have modeled many different types of laptops, phones, tablets and computers.

Office spaces
Our database includes models of office and home-office environments. We also have all the commonly encountered items in an office including fans, stationery, books, plants and many more.

Data handling
Our database includes models of charts and other data descriptors. These can be easily modified to suit a specific application.

Utility Concepts
When describing a product or service it’s common to use concepts like time, interaction, information flow and communication. We’ve created a range of ‘utility’ models depicting these types of concepts.

Home Spaces
Many services and products impact people in their home lives. For example, when describing an online shopping service you might see someone in their home environment working on a laptop. Our database includes many of these types of environments as informed by the product explainer videos we’ve created over the years.


What Metaverse? See our blog

To make sense of this fast-changing area we’ve created the Pie in the Skyverse blog, the metaverse marketing blog for ignoramus(es)! Hop on over and have a read.