New Product: 3D Interactive Models

Virtual worlds are becoming a bigger part of everyday life. From Travis Scott’s hip-hop concert that was held in the Fortnite game to complex training simulations used by tech companies, these virtual environments are increasing in popularity. It’s a new world out there bringing opportunities for marketers and educators. Here at Piehole we’ve certainly taken notice and so we are pleased to bring you our latest product: Interactive Worlds.



We are creating custom environments for clients with programmed logic and interactivity. They’re kind of like computer games but for business applications. In fact, the product is created using computer game engines.

Here’s a short overview video.

Below is a simple example we made, in this case an interactive demo of a machine. You can click & drag to rotate your view, zoom in and out, and also press buttons.


3D for Web

At Piehole.TV we use WebGL/Javascript based code to create 3D applications that work on any website or device without requiring the user to download the software onto their phone or computer. We use the Playcanvas game engine, allowing for fast load times and lots of development flexibility. For desktop or mobile applications with more detailed graphics, Unreal Engine is used.


Applications of 3D Interactive Content

There are many business applications, including:

  1. Interactive Sales Demos
  2. Product Configurators
  3. Corporate Training
  4. Games
  5. Web-based apps for Content Marketing
  6. Digital twins of physical locations


The Opportunity for Marketers

As a marketer you’re always looking for ways to engage your audience and this type of product serves as a good content marketing tool. The technology allows you to add interactive models to your product listings and landing pages. Other applications include gamification of your marketing efforts, interactive “how to” products and other instructional content.


The Opportunity for Educators

Humans are visual learners. In the same way that multimedia content like images and video have revolutionized education, 3D worlds literally bring an extra dimension into the equation. This makes learning fun and interactive and it makes complex material easier to understand. Training staff is expensive and this technology can make it more affordable and more effective. If you’re a training provider it can also help you stand out from the competition.