Video impact on PR effectiveness

Effectiveness of Video in PR

When explainer videos hit the tech scene in 2009 companies were quick to notice its impact on website conversion rates.  Since then there have been various studies showing how video improves different areas of marketing, for example increasing email click-through rates and so forth. But what about the area of PR?  Can video result in … Continued

3d logo animation thumbnail

3D Logo Animation

A logo animation is a super-useful piece of content. You can use it as part of lots of your video content and it’s an easy way to slap on a bit of production value to your videos especially if your available budgets weren’t really amazing to begin with. And getting it made in 3D… well, … Continued

Video Advertisments

Video Adverts for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

So you want to make an advert for your product or service but you need a few ideas. In this article we’ll show a few examples and give some tips so you can nail your production and get more bang for your buck.   Creative Formats The creative options are endless when making video adverts. … Continued