The Making of: Jewish Board – Cortnie’s Story

A year ago, back in 2016, we had made a very special video for the Jewish Board of New York. It was about a person named Tom, whose life was transformed by the support he received from the Jewish Board as a boy. For us, the video was special in another way too – it allowed us to discover a talented young Zimbabwean artist named Lance who now works for us.
So we were excited to make the next video for the 2017 gala. This time the story was about Cortnie, a beautiful entrepreneurial woman whose life was drastically changed after a car accident. Here’s the final video:


The Brief

The clients, Ned and Richard, stressed how important it is to tell the story of Cortnie’s road to recovery and ultimately how she ended up at The Jewish Board. The video needed to be a realistic reflection of this part of her life, it had to be completed in time for their gala event in about 2 months time. This was an extremely tight deadline for a 4 minute video, especially given that we had lots of detailed illustration in mind.



Our team-member Alma took on the role as producer. She had worked on their previous video and was experienced working to tough deadlines. She created a schedule for our in-house team to adhere to.

“Working with our Jewish Board clients again, Richard and Ned, was a real pleasure and honour. These guys know what they want, are responsive and fun, which made the process easy.” – Alma



The client felt strongly that Cortnie had to play a big role in the writing process, as this would add a personal touch and authenticity to the video. Our founder Priscilla helped tighten things up and get it ready for recording. Cortnie voice was also used to narrate the video.


Design & Storyboarding

Our animators Lance & Mluleki were on the job, supported by Andre our art director. As first step, some style frames were created.

L&F (2)

L&F (1)

For the storyboard, we decided to do a rough version of only the key frames of the video, in order to stay on track with the schedule provided.



Late Nights & Long Weekends

We had a mountain of work to do and our guys Lance and Mluleki put in some really late hours to make it happen.

Mluleki and Lance working on the video. width=
Mluleki and Lance working on the video.



After the artwork was created, Lance and Mluleki got stuck into animation. Near the start of this we sent a short preview to the client which thankfully received good feedback, so we were on our way. The animation step took roughly one month to complete in total.


Sound Design

Our sound engineer Emer made some music suggestions and we settled on an inspirational acoustic track that we thought worked well with Cortnie’s voice.


Client Testimonial

β€œThe feedback we’ve gotten from guests was very positive and, in addition, Cortnie mentioned how much this helped her on her own path to recovery (so thank you for your support in doing that!).”

-Richard Gambale, Jewish Board


How did we celebrate after all the hard work?

With a delicious team breakfast on our lawn of course!

Piehole celebration
Piehole celebration

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