Ideas for your Software Video in 2021

We love all things software here at Piehole.TV so we decided to share a list of ideas for your next video. With so many amazing ways to make your software look good we’ve included a range of styles. These range from corporate to fun, high-level to detail-focussed. We hope you enjoy the video ideas below.

3D Screens

Bring your software to life using 3D floating screens.


Flow-y Data

In the two videos below we show animated characters showing how your software data is being used.


A Sprinkling of Stock Footage

Heavy on stock footage to help with authenticity combined with animated software screens.


Stylized Screens

In this style the software screens look similar to your actual screens but aren’t an exact recording. Here it’s more about the high-level benefits and features of your software than showing the exact screen.


Bold Illustrations

Have some fun with your video’s visuals. Depending on your company identity there are a lot of options. We think styles with a hand-drawn look will become more popular.



Straight-up Demo

No messing around, just a video that shows your screens and how the software works.


Live Action

A filmed video with animated graphics.


Music Mix

A funky music track with no voiceover.


Any Other Ideas?

Yeah, drop us a message and we’d be happy to discuss some ideas with you and show some more samples.

That concludes our article on software video ideas. Be sure to check out more of our software (and other) videos on our YouTube channel!